The Wedgestand is a small form factor lap holder designed for all iPads including iPad 3 and most other tablet pc's. The Wedgestand is the most comfortable and convenient way to enjoy your iPad more! Check out our new website at

On Your Couch

Relax on the couch while letting the Wedgestand iPad pillow do all the work holding your iPad or Tablet PC.

Kid Friendly

The Wedgestand iPad pillow is soft yet durable for everyday kid's stuff. It's constructed of a premium foam core that will bounce back to it's original form.

Desk Top

The Wedgestand works as a great stand when you want to prop your iPad on a desk and use your wireless keyboard to surf the net.

In Bed

The Wedgestand is also great for bedtime use. Makes using your iPad in bed a breeze. Done Reading? Just place the Wedgestand on your night stand and convert your iPad into an alarm clock.

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Made in USA